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A special thank you and hats off to those that have helped make this real.

GetOn Marketing of Kelowna have been a tremendous support to our design and development, thank you to everyone there. Without a founding sponsor to get this going, we would probably still be talking about what a great idea it is! Thank you Michael Lepore Realty for your sponsorship.

Thank you also to the friends and event organizers that gave us so much of the early feedback. Thank you for your patience and the confidence. Lastly, perhaps an advance thank you if you think you might want to share some thoughts on a particular activity around Ladner, drop us line!

We have taken great care to ensure any copyright or source is correctly attributed and licensed but if you see any errors or omissions, please bring it to the attention of the Content Manager via info@atHomeInLadner.ca and we will respond as soon as we can.


As Ladner residents, developing the AtHomeIn program has been tremendous fun. We work from home and have had the chance to discover or relearn about so many of the incredible resources around us. We’re looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming year.

Our main objective was to create an online reference resource that supported and encouraged community participation. We wanted to support the community at large and those that create and support the events and programs in that community. We used a simple guidance, community engagement is a good and healthy thing for all.

Getting the word out on an event is not easy. It takes multiple efforts and multiple media and AtHomeInLadner, along with many of the other available resources, can help get the job done.

Enjoy your visit, we welcome your feedback and any contributions to events past and future, venues, organizations and more.

Want to share a photo?
If you have a photo that helps tell the story of an event, venue, or activity around Ladner, let us know! If you own the copyright or have the relevant permissions then we will happy to post the picture and include a photo credit.


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