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Birdwatching and Birding in Ladner

From casual birdwatching to experienced birding, it doesn’t get much better than Ladner; host to one of the most abundant bird habitats in Canada.

Making a start

Making a start at birdwatching is as simple as sourcing a pair of binoculars, loading a birding app on your phone, and making your way to any one of the many highly-rated birding environments in and around Ladner. For background, a read of the City of Delta’s Bird and Biodiversity Strategy page and a video introducing the program are a worthy visit. For a little extra help, visit Ladner Pioneer Library and check out the Playground Lending Program for their Birdwatching Backpacks (there can be a wait-list!) Each pack contains;

If you want to join a group, then Delta Nats Casual Birding, a group of casual birders within the Delta Naturalists Society, would be a great place to start. They maintain a Facebook page and organize numerous events. Oh, and for those asking, it may indeed be useful to know the difference between birdwatching and birding! The first referring to perhaps a more relaxed, and never-the-less equally enjoyed, activity.

Popular destinations

A brief online visit to the ‘Hotlist‘ for Metro Vancouver prepared by eBird, the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project, is worth every minute. You will quickly see just how many fantastic habitats there are in and around Ladner. Each offer easy access and a variety of species worthy of new birdwatchers and those experienced in birding. We’ve included a few highlights here;

  • Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary – Ranked 2nd with 273 species reported, located at the most westerly tip of Westham Island. There are two especially valuable pages to read on their site Planning Your Visit and Birding At The Sanctuary.
  • Brunswick Point – Ranked 10th with 220 species reported, located on the westerly tip of Ladner via River Rd West and the Brunswick Point Trail.
  • Alaksen National Wildlife Area – Ranked 28th with 189 species reported, also on Westham Island along the North Westerly end, home to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.
  • Ladner Harbour Park – Ranked 36th with 175 species reported, located at the of McNeeleys Way on the southerly tip to the South Arm Marshes.
  • Wellington Point Park – 100 species reported, located along River Road West on route to Westham Island.
  • South Arm Marsh Wildlife Management Area – 125 species reported, located at the end of Ferry Road.
  • Roberts Bank, North Dyke, Jetty Base – 112 species reported, located at the start of the foot of Roberts Bank Way, and accessed via Delta Port Way or 27b Avenue. The nearby South Dyke has 123 species reported.


Events & Studies

Feature image courtesy of TheOtherKev from Pixabay